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Beyond Walls PROJECT

Andorre 2019 by saype.png
Saype - Beyond Walls - Step 2 Andorra_2.

Beyond Walls, Step 2: Andorra

Ecofriendly paint on grass


Engolasters (AND) 2019

42°31'02.6"N 1°33'50.9"E

Engolasters (Andorra - AND): The natural union

Following on from the launch of its Beyond Walls project at the Champ de Mars in Paris in June 2019, Saype decided to stop over in Andorra for the International Land Art Biennial. Saype wanted a lyrical, calm and green place which he found at the level of the lake of Engolaster. Surrounded by France and Spain and landlocked in the European Union, without being a member, this atypical place, which presents sumptuous landscapes was then an ideal place to host the second stage of the Beyond Walls project.

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