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Beyond Walls PROJECT

Benin 2021 by saype.png

Beyond Walls, Step 20: Cairo 2024

Eco-responsible paint on sand

900 m2

Great Pyramids of Giza - Cairo (EGY) 2024

06/03/2024 08.38 am

31°7’38,485’’ E 29° 58’ 3,774’’ N

Since the beginning of this adventure, my goal has been to create works of art that transcend borders and unite people around common values such as solidarity, hope and humanity. Each mural created is a symbol of our ability to overcome divisions and build a more inclusive and peaceful world.

The Giza fresco is particularly significant. Located at the foot of the thousand-year-old pyramids, a place steeped in history and mystery, the work represents a link between past and present, uniting civilizations across time and space. It is a tribute to the heritage of humanity and a reminder of our shared responsibility for the future.

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