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Beyond Walls PROJECT

Geneva 2019 by saype.png

Beyond Walls, Step 3: Geneva

Ecofriendly paint on grass


Geneva (CH) 2019

46°12'25.4"N  6°09'54.7"E

Geneva (Switzerland - CH): Light on the city of human rights

Geneva being a stronghold for the defense of human rights (UN headquarters) and conveying an image of peace, dialogue and solidarity for the rest of the world, the choice of this city seems obvious to the eyes of the artist. Two parks were invested, the Parc La Grange - a veritable expanse overlooking the Geneva Water Jet, a world famous emblem - and the Parc des Bastions - at the foot of the Eynard Palace, a strong symbol of the City. It was therefore an inevitable place emblematic both by its landscapes and by the soul that the city carries around the world.

The artwork 


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