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Beyond Walls PROJECT

Turin 2020 by saype.png
Beyond Walls _ Step 7 _ Turin

Beyond Walls, Step 7: Turin

Ecofriendly paint on grass


Turin (IT) 2020

45°04'29.3"N 7°41'06.5"E

Turin (Italy - IT): The wall of time

After having linked Europe and Africa, from Paris to Yamoussoukro, the giants hands of the universal chain cross the Palatine door, glorious vestige of Eternal Roma erected in the center of the Risorgimento of Italy. Reaching out to their ancestors, Children of present open a breach in the time wall. If human fraternity plays with borders, it must also succeed in breaking through the ancient walls that past generations have erected between them and which still fracture societies today, in order to build, hand in hand, the universal city of the future.

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