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World in progress III

World in Progress III

Biodegradable paint on grass


UN, Nairobi (KEN) 2022

1°14'04.2"S  36°48'53.8"E

"World in Progress III" is the end of the triptych launched since 2019 within the 3 UN headquarters in Geneva, New York and now Nairobi. The three monumental paintings trace the iterative creation of an ideal world imagined by two children. From their first drawing through the creation of their origami, and finally coming to life in Nairobi, the giant biodegradable and ephemeral murals are painted directly on the lawn of the United Nations. A message of hope, "World in progress" reminds present generations of their duty towards the children of today and future generations not to lose sight of peace between nations and the preservation of the world's environmental heritage.

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