Beyond Walls PROJECT

Beyond Walls, Step 6 : Yamoussoukro

Biodegradable paint on grass


Yamoussoukro (CIV) 2020

6°48'40.4"N 5°17'49.9"W

Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast - CIV): Land of union and peace

It is in tribute to peace that the artist SAYPE produced his largest fresco and to his knowledge the largest painting in the world. On 18,000 m², 12,500 have been covered with biodegradable paint around the Notre-Dame de la Paix Basilica, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The artist wanted to intervene at this monument, considered one of the largest religious buildings in the world, it is above all a place of peace. Architecturally speaking, the basilica has no wall, it consists only of stained glass between columns making in the eyes of the artist a reflection of the values shared by the Beyond Walls project.

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