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Support for the population of Hatay | Turkiye

This 19th stage aims to remind the world of the necessary solidarity with the populations who suffered this terrible natural disaster. After a global and media stir, it was before winter, a time all the more difficult for local populations, that Saype chose to shine the spotlight.


This latest artwork will also helps raise funds in order to give those who remain a brighter future.

The profits from this edition will be entirely donated to support the local population.

All of us!

This hand representing Humanity comes to bring a strong message to the world by repairing the foot of the emblematic “Broken Chair”, symbol of Handicap International and the many wounded civilians who are unfortunately very often the first victims of war bombings.

With poetry, Saype once again invites us to reflect on our humanist duties as a people and as a collective.


The sale of these works allows the funding of new dates

of the Beyond Walls project.