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Find the latest editions produced by SAYPE.


Since the beginning of this adventure, my goal has been to create works of art that transcend borders and unite people around common values such as solidarity, hope and humanity. Each mural created is a symbol of our ability to overcome divisions and build a more inclusive and peaceful world.

The Giza fresco is particularly significant. Located at the foot of the thousand-year-old pyramids, a place steeped in history and mystery, the work represents a link between past and present, uniting civilizations across time and space. It is a tribute to the heritage of humanity and a reminder of our shared responsibility for the future.

Bright dreams | Zurich (CH)

Six years after my first support for the association, this work of art aims to pay tribute to the men and women who risk their lives to save other lives at sea within the SOS Meditérranée association. More broadly, it invites us to question our societies and their capacity to collaborate in a global manner, the only solution in my opinion for managing migration issues.

La grande vague | El Ejido (SPA)

It is in the immensity of the plastic greenhouses of southern Spain that Saype chose to express himself for his latest work. For Saype, the subject is not to point the finger at the farms themselves, but rather to question us, as consumers, about the consequences of our daily consumption and our societal models.


In this work, two children join forces to climb a mountain and lead the way. Each cannot move forward without the other; complementary, they come together to challenge the impossible. The snow-capped mountains, with their majestic and magical landscapes, contrast with the environment in which these young adventurers find themselves.

Support for the population of Hatay | Turkiye

This 19th stage aims to remind the world of the necessary solidarity with the populations who suffered this terrible natural disaster. After a global and media stir, it was before winter, a time all the more difficult for local populations, that Saype chose to shine the spotlight.


This latest artwork will also helps raise funds in order to give those who remain a brighter future.

The profits from this edition will be entirely donated to support the local population.

All of us!

This hand representing Humanity comes to bring a strong message to the world by repairing the foot of the emblematic “Broken Chair”, symbol of Handicap International and the many wounded civilians who are unfortunately very often the first victims of war bombings.

With poetry, Saype once again invites us to reflect on our humanist duties as a people and as a collective.


The sale of these works allows the funding of new dates

of the Beyond Walls project.

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