Beyond walls project

"Let's create together the largest human chain in the world"

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Beyond Walls, Step 15 : Rio de Janeiro - Estàcio 

Eco-responsable on grass


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (BRA) 2022

22°54'59.2"S 43°12'03.9"W

The previous steps

Beyond Walls PARIS 2019.jpg
Saype - Beyond Walls - Step 2 Andorra_2.

Beyond Walls, Step 1 : Paris

Biodegradable paint on grass


Paris (FR) 2019

48°51'25.4"N 2°17'47.0"E

Beyond Walls, Step 2 : Andorre

Biodegradable paint on


Engolasters (AND) 2019

42°31'02.6"N 1°33'50.9"E

BW Berlin 2019

Beyond Walls, Step 3: Geneva

Biodegradable paint on grass


Geneva (CH) 2019

46°12'25.4"N  6°09'54.7"E

Beyond Walls, Step 4 : Berlin

Biodegradable paint on grass


Berlin (DE) 2019

52°29'23.2"N 13°28'28.2"E


Beyond Walls, Step 5 : Ouagadougou

Biodegradable paint on laterite


Ouagadougou (BF) 2020

12°18'39.1"N 1°30'06.5"W

Beyond Walls, Step 6 : Yamoussoukro

Biodegradable paint on grass


Yamoussoukro (CIV) 2020

6°48'40.4"N 5°17'49.9"W

Beyond Walls _ Step 7 _ Turin
ISTANBUL | Beyond Walls | SAYPE

Beyond Walls, Step 7 : Turin

Biodegradable paint on grass


Turin (IT) 2020

45°04'29.3"N 7°41'06.5"E

Beyond Walls, Step 8: Istanbul

Biodegradable paint on grass


Istanbul (TUR) 2020

41°01'14.0"N  28°59'34.8"E

Sea Point 2000px.jpg

Beyond Walls, Step 9: Cape Town

Biodegradable paint on grass


Sea Point, Cape Town (SA) 2021

33 ° 54'40.2 "S 18 ° 23'20.6" E


Beyond Walls, Step 11 : EXPO2020  Dubai

Biodegradable paint on grass


Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis (UAE) 2021

24°57'44.5"N 55°09'17.9"E

Beyond Walls Venice_1.jpg

Beyond Walls, Step 13 : VENICE

Eco responsible paint on grass


Venice, Italy (ITA)

 45°26'19.83"N 12°20'10.09"E

Finale 2400px

Beyond Walls, Step 10 : Ouidah

Peinture biodégradable sur sable


Ouidah, Bénin (BEN) 2021

6°19'46.2"N 2°07'58.4"E


Beyond Walls, Step 12: Unknown




X°xx'xx.x"N x°xx'xx.x"E

Home - Beyond Walls belfast

Beyond Walls, Step 14 : BELFAST

Eco responsible paint on grass


Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)

54°36'14.4"N 5°49'58.6"W

A global project on several years

Carte du monde BW Juillet 22.png

« Beyond Walls » project shows interlaced hands, reaching out, shaking and united in a common effort beyond all walls separating humans and enclosing them in mental or geographical spaces.

Thus, the walls erected in mentalities become fictive partitions, wiped out by artistic imagination. It merely opens a breach in the real walls, the ones built by humanity within and against itself.


In this specific artwork, the symbolic wall crossing does not eliminate the singularity of each of the hands: they all tell a life story and are subtly marked with multiple backgrounds (social, geographical, ethnical, etc.).


Beyond walls and with this universal farandole, every human individuality is granted rights of way and civil ones. The universality conveyed in this project is one of plural humanity.


“Beyond Walls” will cross borders in order to carry out this universal message and make it travel from city to city, all along this immense human chain.

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